November 27, 2013

Winter Reading: Workflow


I’m up to something which, if the gods consent, will start to see the light sometime before Spring. This blog and my website will be the first to see some changes. I’ll keep you updated every so often, but I’d rather wait for now. A little suspense never killed anyone.

Winter already got here some weeks ago… at least what my Mediterranean organism considers Winter. And with this kind of weather, I just feel like curling up on the sofa all wrapped up in a blanket and read a book or watch a film with the heater on. Right now I’m reading “A Clash of Kings” by George R. R. Martin and every time somebody repeats the oh-so-kneaded “Winter is coming” thingy, I just want to yell: “I know! Just shut the f*** up already!”.



  1. ¡Me encanta! Qué adorable <3 Y los colores son preciosos.

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