Vignette: Zumbathon!

I’ve been doing Zumba for maybe… 4 years now? But yesterday was my first marathon. And yes, it was only two hours. And yes, I went back home and didn’t move from the sofa for the rest of the day.

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Vignette: Bird Watching

Most mornings before starting work, I love sitting on the sofa and watching the cat watching the birds that come to eat from the feeder in the garden.

One of the perks of being a freelancer.

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San & Pix

The other day I purchased Clip Studio (aka Manga Studio) and I thought I’d start getting familiar with the tools with something that has been on my mind ever since we adopted Pixel.

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Back to Basics: Female Poses

Some days, you need to go back to the basics, even if it’s for an afternoon.

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Work In Progress – Picture Book

The Husband and I have started working on a picturebook together. We are still not telling any more about it, but I can show you the first designs I made of our little furry hero.

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Winter Reading: Workflow


I’m up to something which, if the gods consent, will start to see the light sometime before Spring. This blog and my website will be the first to see some changes. I’ll keep you updated every so often, but … Read More

Happy Halloween: Workflow

This is the way I did the Halloween illustration. Any questions? Just leave a comment! 🙂

And lastly, the sketch and the final art.

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How I nearly lost an eye yesterday

And this is why you mustn’t play with gel detergent. Based on a true story.

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30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 13: Comic

* Hey guys, we’ve bought these brand-new beautiful identifying vests! Don’t forget to wear them so that parents and children know who you are! “Do you work at the zoo?”   P.D. Para aquellos que no lo sepan, he trabajado … Read More

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 12: Most recent accomplishment

Que me cogieran en las Jornadas Internacionales de Ilustración y Diseño de la Fundación Santa María de Albarracín (sí, sí, ese es Miguel Gallardo sentadico a mi lado en las escaleras).   Yeah, that’s Miguel Gallardo sitting next to me … Read More