Lemur Day

For the second year running, we have celebrated Lemur Day over at Shepreth Wildlife Park to raise money for the conservation of lemurs in the wild. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend last year but this one I could collaborate with this lemur … Read More

Craft and Zine Fairs in 2014

Despite the year 2014 not seeing this blog much, it has been full of work on several fronts. One of them is the adventure my friend and illustrator Lorena García and I decided to set out on: holding a … Read More

Russafa Book Weekend 2014 #RBW

RUSSAFA BOOK WEEKEND 14, an event about books, took place on 17th, 18th and 19th of October at Ruzafa Gallery (Pedro III el Grande, Valencia, Spain) as well as at eight other local bookshoops. RUSSAFA BOOK WEEKEND 14’s goal was … Read More

Nueva tienda online // New online shop: Society6

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Espero que por vuestra tierra aún no esté haciendo mucho frío y podáis disfrutar aún de los últimos rayos de sol calentitos. Yo, como Joan Manuel Serrat, nací en el Mediterráneo y, por lo tanto (aunque conozco … Read More

Y el ganador del sorteo es… // And the giveaway winner is…

Primero he impreso los billetes en un folio. First, I printed the tickets on a piece of paper. Luego, los he recortado. Then, I cut them. A continuación, los he metido en una cajita. After that, I put them in … Read More