San & Pix

The other day I purchased Clip Studio (aka Manga Studio) and I thought I’d start getting familiar with the tools with something that has been on my mind ever since we adopted Pixel.

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Work In Progress – Picture Book

The Husband and I have started working on a picturebook together. We are still not telling any more about it, but I can show you the first designs I made of our little furry hero.

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Cat brooches

Some time ago, and thanks to one of my best friends, I discovered the magic of shrinkable plastic. I captivated me to such an extent that I decided to give it an opportunity and make space for it on … Read More

Happy Halloween: Workflow

This is the way I did the Halloween illustration. Any questions? Just leave a comment! 🙂

And lastly, the sketch and the final art.

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Happy Halloween!

Have fun tonight if you’re going out Be very, very creepy!

Some years ago I didn’t quite like the Halloween tradition despite it featuring costumes of my favourite characters just because I thought it was “too American” (thanks, … Read More

Cat Pot

After a non-stop summer – visits, BBQs, Honeymoons in Iceland… – I’m back! And the first thing I wanna show is one of the first results of the pottery course for adults I’ve been attending for some months now at … Read More

Bolsas de tela y sus dueñ@s #2 // Tote bags and their owners #2

Hoy os quiero presentar a otra de mis artistazas y amigas favoritas, Ally, y la bolsa de tela que más le gustó de mi tienda Envelop.     Today, let me introduce you to another one of my favourite artists … Read More

Jugando con Chip // Playing with Chip

Me voy a casita en unos días, a disfrutar del sol español un par de semanas mientras TRABAJO y no me quejo, que ya es más de lo que muchos pueden decir. ¡Volveré con buenas noticias!   I’m going home … Read More

Bolsas de tela y sus dueñ@s #1 // Tote bags and their owners #1

Dejadme presentaros a la encantadora señorita Laia con uno de los bolsos de mi tienda en Envelop.     Let me introduce you to lovely miss Laia with one of the bags from my Envelop shop.   Y resulta, que … Read More