April 29, 2016

Refugi Il·lustrat

Last Februay was a tough, sad month for me because I lost my grandpa. However, my visit to Spain had some very good moments, like the event organised by APIV, Refugi Il·lustrat.

Refugi Il·lustrat from APIV on Vimeo.

Sunday 20th February, approximately 60 illustrators gathered at Mercado de Tapineria to create drawings in order to raise money for the refugee help platform Valencia Ciudad Refugio (VCR), within the framework of the graphic campaign “Refugiados/as: entre el ataúd y la maleta” (Refugees: between the coffin and the suitcase), driven by APIV.

Refugi Il·lustrat

The event was an absolute success. Nearly 1,000 people got an original drawing for the token price of 10€. The 6,000€ raised were donated in full to Valencia Ciudad Refugio, thanks to which, it will be possible to rent a flat for a whole year so that no asylum seeker in Valencia has to sleep in the street while their application is being processed.

It is an honour being part of this group that is so active when it’s most needed. Furthermore, this event was a huge confidence boost to lose a little bit more of my stage fright 🙂 Thanks, colleagues.

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