March 30, 2015

Needle Felting Bunny

Some time ago, a friend gave me a bunch of wool for needle felting. In broad terms, needle felting consists of sculpting figures using this kind of wool and some special needles.

Due to some circumstances which will be revealed in due course (suspense music), I haven’t had free time to sit down and experiment till yesterday. I guess I haven’t got all the proper equipment though, since I had to use the sponge bit of a scourer to rest the piece while pricking it and I bet my needles aren’t precisely the best (plus the wool wasn’t as combed). However, even though I know it’s got some mistakes, this was my first attempt at needle felting.

(Yep, it’s got Photoshop eyes, but I still haven’t got toy eyes – I just ordered them from eBay!)

Needle Felt Bunny



  1. Hola, gracias por compartir. He empezado a trabajar la lana con esta técnica de afieltrado y ¡me encanta!

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