October 25, 2012

“Música, poeta! – Versos, cançons i altres lliçons”

Música, Poeta


I’m very happy to announce that Ángel Gavara’s book “Música, poeta! – Versos, cançons i altres lliçons”, which I had the pleasure of illustrating, is already available on Edicions 96’s online shop.

Música, poeta! is a nice book written with simple language which, supported by a fluent rhythm and a special musicality, evokes the fantastic world of emotions. It’s an ideal book to approach poetry in a fun and motivating way while we learn a lot of things that sound better when properly expressed.

Also, Edicions 96 have got a blog where you’ll find interesting news and links to both their Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, they publish a PDF magazine, 96milmotsmés, in whose latest number you’ll be able to read more information about Ángel Gavara and his “Música, poeta!” and which you can download from here.