February 2, 2015

Charlie, the wallaby

I think it’s about time I tell the story behind this illustration.

Charlie the wallaby

I’ve been a volunteer at Shepreth Wildlife Park for over a year now, as I mentioned in a previous post. Well, there lives a little animal who I fell in love with from the very first day his keeper introduced us: CHARLIE. Charlie is a small-sized macropod found in Australia and he belongs to the same taxonomic family as kangaroos. Therefore, Charlie is a wallaby and what makes him stand out from the rest of his fellow pouched buddies is the love that oozes from every single pore of his body. Charlie was hand-raised and that’s why he lets those humans who clean his poo scratch his chin, hold his hands and stroke his back. And, very often, I wonder, as the mentally unstable woman I am, if it would be possible to take him home disguised as a kid so as not to raise suspicion. What do you reckon?

Charlie the wallabyFrom the sketch to the finished piece.


  1. Jajajaja… Sólo hay que pensar cómo camuflarle la cola y las orejas, una vez hecho, da el pego 😉

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