Cat brooches

Some time ago, and thanks to one of my best friends, I discovered the magic of shrinkable plastic. I captivated me to such an extent that I decided to give it an opportunity and make space for it on … Read More

Craft and Zine Fairs in 2014

Despite the year 2014 not seeing this blog much, it has been full of work on several fronts. One of them is the adventure my friend and illustrator Lorena García and I decided to set out on: holding a … Read More

Russafa Book Weekend 2014 #RBW

RUSSAFA BOOK WEEKEND 14, an event about books, took place on 17th, 18th and 19th of October at Ruzafa Gallery (Pedro III el Grande, Valencia, Spain) as well as at eight other local bookshoops. RUSSAFA BOOK WEEKEND 14’s goal was … Read More

See you at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2014!

My friend and talented artist Lorena Garcia and I are more than happy to announce we’ll be waiting for you next Saturday, October 4th, at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair! We’ll be waiting for you wih open arms and a … Read More

Colour Me Zine – Cinema vol. 1

I’m very happy to finally be able to put up for sale my first step towards the world of zines: Colour Me Zine – Cinema vol. 1! Take a look…

>> Get it on Etsy <<

According to recent studies, colouring … Read More

“Dance!” Tote Bag

The illustrations on this tote bag have also been printed on transfer paper, hand cut and hand ironed. Yes, so much Zumba is wreaking havoc in my brain.

Commissions accepted!

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Nueva tienda online // New online shop: Society6

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Espero que por vuestra tierra aún no esté haciendo mucho frío y podáis disfrutar aún de los últimos rayos de sol calentitos. Yo, como Joan Manuel Serrat, nací en el Mediterráneo y, por lo tanto (aunque conozco … Read More

Bolsas de tela y sus dueñ@s #2 // Tote bags and their owners #2

Hoy os quiero presentar a otra de mis artistazas y amigas favoritas, Ally, y la bolsa de tela que más le gustó de mi tienda Envelop.     Today, let me introduce you to another one of my favourite artists … Read More

Bolsas de tela y sus dueñ@s #1 // Tote bags and their owners #1

Dejadme presentaros a la encantadora señorita Laia con uno de los bolsos de mi tienda en Envelop.     Let me introduce you to lovely miss Laia with one of the bags from my Envelop shop.   Y resulta, que … Read More


Dejadme que ahora os cuente sobre el proyecto de unas amigas que andan por tierras británicas. Ellas solicas se han montado una tienda de camisetas, chapas, tazas, libretas, etc. customizadas y customizables. Todo totalmente adorable. Así que, aquí os dejo … Read More