3D Ceramic Name

Present for my little “step” niece for her second birthday.

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Hedgehog planter

Yesterday I could finally pick up my hedgehog planter from the pottery class. It’s been a long process because, when you’re going to turn on a kiln that can reach 2,000ºC, you want to make sure you make the … Read More

Stoneware Bird Feeder

The pottery class is bearing more fruits this year and I’m quite happy with what I’m making… for now. This is a stoneware bird feeder made with raku clay, dipped in white glaze, with a couple of details painted with … Read More

Decorating Pottery Technique

Last week in pottery class, I finally finished a tile that I made just to test a decorating technique.

The thing is, you paint the piece completely with decorating pottery slip while it’s still wet and, after waiting for it to … Read More

Handmade Stoneware Mug

This is one of the last pieces I could finish at the pottery class without the result being too embarrasing. I’m not sure if I’ll use it for drinking, though.

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Cat Pot

After a non-stop summer – visits, BBQs, Honeymoons in Iceland… – I’m back! And the first thing I wanna show is one of the first results of the pottery course for adults I’ve been attending for some months now at … Read More