Fanzine Tiro: #2 La Ciudad

Remember when I told you about Tiro Fanzine? Well, here’s the second issue!

Tiro Fanzine – #2 La Ciudad Cover: Cristina Durán  

This is what its creators have to say about it:

Given our first issue subject was “Origin”, … Read More

Winter Reading: Workflow


I’m up to something which, if the gods consent, will start to see the light sometime before Spring. This blog and my website will be the first to see some changes. I’ll keep you updated every so often, but … Read More

Happy Halloween: Workflow

This is the way I did the Halloween illustration. Any questions? Just leave a comment! 🙂

And lastly, the sketch and the final art.

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Happy Halloween!

Have fun tonight if you’re going out Be very, very creepy!

Some years ago I didn’t quite like the Halloween tradition despite it featuring costumes of my favourite characters just because I thought it was “too American” (thanks, … Read More

Well, the thing is…

… I got married! And, believe me, oh, you singles of the planet, there’s a huge difference between being single and being married.

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Little Handbound and Handpainted Notebooks

Hey! I’m still alive! The reason for my disappearance has been a commission of which I’ll post something pretty soon. So, in order to give my mind and eyes a rest after so much time working at the computer, I … Read More

Fanzine Tiro: #1 Origen

Tiro Fanzine – #1 Origen  

Last 4th of January, the new fanzine Tiro came to life during the self-publishing festival Tenderete, in Valencia. I had the pleasure of collaborating in the first issue together with a bunch of great … Read More

“Dance!” Tote Bag

The illustrations on this tote bag have also been printed on transfer paper, hand cut and hand ironed. Yes, so much Zumba is wreaking havoc in my brain.

Commissions accepted!

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Diaries of an Illustrator #1

The last comic book I managed to finish was one that I did back in high school (and which I rather not remember) and I’ve had a monkey on my back ever since. During all these years, I have wanted … Read More

How I nearly lost an eye yesterday

And this is why you mustn’t play with gel detergent. Based on a true story.

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