Refugi Il·lustrat

Last Februay was a tough, sad month for me because I lost my grandpa. However, my visit to Spain had some very good moments, like the event organised by APIV, Refugi Il·lustrat.

Refugi Il·lustrat from APIV on Vimeo.

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San & Pix

The other day I purchased Clip Studio (aka Manga Studio) and I thought I’d start getting familiar with the tools with something that has been on my mind ever since we adopted Pixel.

This was the first line and … Read More

Back to Basics: Female Poses

Some days, you need to go back to the basics, even if it’s for an afternoon.

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Work In Progress – Picture Book

The Husband and I have started working on a picturebook together. We are still not telling any more about it, but I can show you the first designs I made of our little furry hero.

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Charlie, the wallaby

I think it’s about time I tell the story behind this illustration.

I’ve been a volunteer at Shepreth Wildlife Park for over a year now, as I mentioned in a previous post. Well, there lives … Read More

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the things good, shiny and glittery for this new year that begins. I would like to thank everyone who’s reading this now for your great support – you’re amazing. Old 2014 brought some very memorable moments, … Read More

Russafa Book Weekend 2014 #RBW

RUSSAFA BOOK WEEKEND 14, an event about books, took place on 17th, 18th and 19th of October at Ruzafa Gallery (Pedro III el Grande, Valencia, Spain) as well as at eight other local bookshoops. RUSSAFA BOOK WEEKEND 14’s goal was … Read More

See you at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair 2014!

My friend and talented artist Lorena Garcia and I are more than happy to announce we’ll be waiting for you next Saturday, October 4th, at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair! We’ll be waiting for you wih open arms and a … Read More

Colour Me Zine – Cinema vol. 1

I’m very happy to finally be able to put up for sale my first step towards the world of zines: Colour Me Zine – Cinema vol. 1! Take a look…

>> Get it on Etsy <<

According to recent studies, colouring … Read More