Picturecamp 2016

Some time ago and I have no idea how, I found this illustration camp in Atapuerca, a very small village in the province of Burgos (Spain) called Picturecamp organised by illustrator Jorge Martín. Coincidentally, it was happening a couple of days right … Read More

Craft and Zine Fairs in 2014

Despite the year 2014 not seeing this blog much, it has been full of work on several fronts. One of them is the adventure my friend and illustrator Lorena García and I decided to set out on: holding a … Read More

Happy Halloween: Workflow

This is the way I did the Halloween illustration. Any questions? Just leave a comment! 🙂

And lastly, the sketch and the final art.

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Happy Halloween!

Have fun tonight if you’re going out Be very, very creepy!

Some years ago I didn’t quite like the Halloween tradition despite it featuring costumes of my favourite characters just because I thought it was “too American” (thanks, … Read More

Feliz día de San Valentín // Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Ilustración rápida para San Valentín. Quick illustration for St. Valentine’s. Read More

Mirando hacia atrás I // Looking back I

No sé si debería pero… es demasiado tentador… He aquí un dibujo de 1996 (11-12 años) para el día de Todos los Santos. Creo que mi favorito es el hombre-lobo.     I’m not sure if I should but… it’s … Read More