Refugi Il·lustrat

Last Februay was a tough, sad month for me because I lost my grandpa. However, my visit to Spain had some very good moments, like the event organised by APIV, Refugi Il·lustrat.

Refugi Il·lustrat from APIV on Vimeo.

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San & Pix

The other day I purchased Clip Studio (aka Manga Studio) and I thought I’d start getting familiar with the tools with something that has been on my mind ever since we adopted Pixel.

This was the first line and … Read More

Back to Basics: Female Poses

Some days, you need to go back to the basics, even if it’s for an afternoon.

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Work In Progress – Picture Book

The Husband and I have started working on a picturebook together. We are still not telling any more about it, but I can show you the first designs I made of our little furry hero.

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Needle Felting Bunny

Some time ago, a friend gave me a bunch of wool for needle felting. In broad terms, needle felting consists of sculpting figures using this kind of wool and some special needles.

Due to some circumstances which will be … Read More

3D Ceramic Name

Present for my little “step” niece for her second birthday.

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Charlie, the wallaby

I think it’s about time I tell the story behind this illustration.

I’ve been a volunteer at Shepreth Wildlife Park for over a year now, as I mentioned in a previous post. Well, there lives … Read More

Cat brooches

Some time ago, and thanks to one of my best friends, I discovered the magic of shrinkable plastic. I captivated me to such an extent that I decided to give it an opportunity and make space for it on … Read More

Hedgehog planter

Yesterday I could finally pick up my hedgehog planter from the pottery class. It’s been a long process because, when you’re going to turn on a kiln that can reach 2,000ºC, you want to make sure you make the … Read More